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What is a room thermostat? What are the advantages of using this type of aircraft in addition to its oil boiler? What is the best wifi thermostat?

Room thermostat operation

A room thermostat is a tool to regulate the temperature within the housing, in particular by acting on the operation of the boiler fuel.

In practice, a room thermostat measured the temperature in a reference part, for example, the living room and compared with the reference temperature which has been set on the thermostat.

If the reference temperature is 19 °, the room thermostat connected to the oil boiler will stop if the ambient temperature exceeds the set point. Instead, it will operate the boiler when the ambient temperature is below this value.

Typology of room thermostats


There are two types of room thermostats:

  • the non-programmable room thermostat: This thermostat allows you to set a constant temperature regardless of the time of day;
  • The programmable room thermostat: This type of thermostat allows you to program different temperatures depending on time slots corresponding at night, in the absence of the occupants or their presence. This programming can be daily or weekly.


The benefits of the room thermostat

What are the advantages to using a room thermostat?

Extra comfort

The main advantage of using a room thermostat with its oil boiler is to bring comfort to the inhabitants of the house. The thermostat incorporates and compensates for external factors that can change the room temperature, such as sunlight, a fire in the fireplace, the presence of several people. In these cases inputs “free”, the boiler will be less stressed, as soon as this external factor returns normal (sunset), the heating is automatically switched on.

Energy savings and a reduced budget

Failure to program the heating time of the dwelling allows energy savings. Indeed, when the dwelling is unoccupied during the day, the temperature can be lowered by a few degrees, the boiler operates less often.

This will, therefore, consume less fuel and ultimately some savings on its energy bill.

Regarding figures, the savings are generally of the order of 10 to 25%.

Environmental benefits

We sometimes forget, but use a room thermostat contributes in part to reduce greenhouse of your greenhouse gasses. This is related to the fact that less energy is used.


Installing a room thermostat

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Regarding equipment, it is possible to opt for a room thermostat wired or wireless.

Most cameras come with detailed installation instructions because some users install themselves. Outside the specifics related to each model, we often find the following tips:

  • cut the power before installation to prevent accidents;
  • install the room thermostat at eye level, preferably on a wall and about 1.50 meters on average;
  • Install the thermostat away from any heat such as a fireplace, radiator, the sun, do not place it in a particularly cold or subjected to extreme variations in temperature location (near an exterior door, in an air current common area). The thermostat is mounted in a representative area of the living areas. This improves the reliability of the apparatus;
  • The temperature setting depends on the use of the room and the time of day. The recommended temperature is 19 ° C for the living room. For the bathrooms, it can be a bit higher. For the rooms, maybe a little lower. Each person reacts differently to temperature; it is necessary to adapt the set point of the thermostat to its sensations. Be careful with high temperatures, they promote the occurrence of colds. Also, we must not forget that to raise the room temperature by 1 ° C increases consumption by 7%.

It may be interesting to use the services of a professional to install a room thermostat and connect it to the boiler fuel oil when one is not sure of himself. This will at the same time to seek advice on the future adjustment of the unit.